Everything is Special

Published on December 29, 2015, by in Uncategorized.

Personal growth technologies (be they self-help, psychological or spiritual in nature) are typically aimed at eliciting certain experiences, experiences imagined to be more important or special than the ones presently arising. However the most interesting and liberating approaches are those whose aim is to reveal the profundity and specialness of all experience.

That experience is even occurring at all is the greatest, most stupefying of miracles. And yet the only thing that keeps us from recognizing the extraordinary, remarkable nature of every momentary perception is the way in which we define and limit phenomena that are by nature indefinable and unlimited. The reality is that every experience, regardless of its conventional descriptive label, is an inconceivably rich and profound expression of crackling, sizzling, dynamic energy and intelligence.

Behold the phenomenal nature of all phenomena!

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