No Entry or Exit

Published on December 14, 2015, by in Uncategorized.

As spiritual seekers, we invariably bump up against the experience of having awakened to something we’ve aspired to wake up to only to find that it’s (apparently) no longer present. The sense is one of moving “in and out” of whatever more awakened state or perspective we feel we’ve gained access to.

The feeling that we’ve lost our connection with a deeper reality stems from one innocent misunderstanding and that is the idea that reality depends upon circumstances or experiences looking a certain way. And yet reality (the totality of life) looks like everything because it is everything! The sense that we’ve somehow lost touch with reality is as much reality as those moments when we feel as if we’ve found it. And so, the descriptive categories of “being in” or “out” of reality simply don’t apply. To be sure, reality can manifest as a seemingly infinite number of forms or sub-realities. But, whatever form it may happen to take, in the very instant of its apparition, it remains what it has always been, reality.

Owing to the transient, impermanent nature of phenomena, we are forever moving in and out of different states or modes of experiencing. And because of this, holding on to any insight or realization is simply not possible. It’s a fool’s errand for everything slips away. But that’s not a problem because when we slip from one state or experience into another, we never leave reality for there is only ever reality, only ever what is.

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