No Map Will Suffice

Published on August 31, 2015, by in Uncategorized.

After decades of exploring the nature of reality, I’ve finally figured it. At long last, I have found the answer, uncovered the one, single, unifying framework that pulls it all together, the clearest, most comprehensive map that is finally able to delineate the territory we call life, a way to finally and definitively explain what is going on here, what existence is, who we are and the meaning of it all. A lifetime of searching and I’ve finally found it, the key to it all, the secret code that unlocks the mysteries of existence and consciousness, that reveals all that we have sought to know, to understand and to realize about ourselves and life. Ready? Take a close and careful look for this is what we’ve been waiting for, the holy grail, the sorcerer’s stone…







What do you think? Pretty amazing, huh? Isn’t it the most exquisite, most beautiful, most awe-inspiring map of reality you’ve ever beheld, the perfect answer to every question? Now you finally hold it in your hands, now you know who and what you are, what life is, for the very nature of reality has once and for all been resolved. All that you’ve imagined you are bound within, limited and defined by has been revealed. Beautiful isn’t it, this perfect framework, this final explanation? Look, it’s quite something, isn’t it?








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