Personal and Impersonal

Published on July 6, 2015, by in Uncategorized.

Our distinctive personalities, tendencies, propensities, motivations, and viewpoints are like a thousand trillion “life particles” that have somehow come together in a particular way. What we are is a unique and dynamic configuring or patterning of life. The distinctive way life has arranged and continues to arrange itself is precisely what makes us, us and not some other thing. The dynamic interplay of biological and psychological forces, the ceaseless dance of thoughts, feelings, sensations, memories, habits, circumstantial experiences, conditioning, and awareness constitutes the particular expression we call, “I.” We are the unique way the intelligence of life has organized itself…

To be sure, we experience ourselves as unique, individualized expressions of life. But what about life, itself? What about this vast intelligence that has assembled itself as each one of us? What is that? Speaking metaphorically, we could say that the clay of life, by virtue of its intrinsic intelligence, has fashioned itself into the myriad uniquely shaped ceramic pieces we call you, me and everything else. But what about the clay? Isn’t this also what we are, personal yet wholly impersonal, particular at the same time universal, localized yet spread across the heavens, tiny points of sky made of a vast and fathomless sky… We are, like each of the trillions upon trillions of snowflakes falling upon the earth, utterly unique and yet only ever made of pure snow, the singular light of reality dancing as a thousand different suns, the vast and incomprehensible mystery of existence, shining forth as each and every person, place and thing.

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