Reality: It’s Not What We Think It Is

Published on July 10, 2015, by in Uncategorized.

Words represent our understandable attempt to characterize and interpret the moments of experience. But any description—e.g., fear, joy, worry, sorrow, happiness—is inherently limited and imprecise. For while our descriptive frameworks are remarkable in their capacity to approximate reality, they can never fully capture it.  As natural as it may be for us to utilize language as a way of orienting ourselves and communicating with one another, the problem is that we mistake our linguistic, conceptual approximations of reality for reality. We imagine that we know what experiences are, forgetting that we are doing just that, imagining!

Take any experience and look directly into its nature.  What is fear, what is joy, what is worry, what is awareness, beyond the labels we give them? Look and see in a very simple, direct and easeful way whether the words we use to describe any moment adequately capture or contain the moment’s unfathomably deep, rich, subtle, multi-dimensional, multi-layered, multi-textured nature and character. Beyond what we think or imagine them to be, what are experiences, actually?  Language is like a kind of shorthand, a useful way, at least at one level, to simplify experiential realities that, in reality, belie easy classification or simplification. As natural as it may be for us to utilize language and concepts to orient ourselves, create frames of reference and also communicate with one another, the fact of the matter is that our linguistic and conceptual frameworks represent characterizations of a reality that is by it’s very nature, un-characterizable. The myriad frameworks we employ represent interpretations of something that is ultimately uninterpretable, descriptions of things that are essentially indescribable, finite and bounded definitions and characterizations of experiential realities that are, by nature, infinite and unbounded and therefore incapable of being fully or definitively characterized.

This is Reality… this is Experience… this is Us…. free from any and all final descriptions, definitions or characterizations, even as it includes them all for every description, however limited and partial, is at the same time, unlimited, every finite word and concept, ultimately inseparable from and an expression of the same infinite, unfathomable Reality they endeavor to capture and describe.

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