Reality, the Greatest Drug of All

Published on July 15, 2015, by in Uncategorized.

The other day, a client said to me during a Skype session, “it sounds from the way you are describing the nature of experience/reality that you’re on ayahuasca or something.” I had to laugh, letting her know that the last drug I ingested was probably some 35 years ago! I shared with her that if we just peer around the edges of our descriptions of things, sense what is already here, just beyond the edges of our seeming certainty and knowledge of what reality is, we will find that our experience—without the aid of any mind-altering substances—is always and already a total trip, an infinitely diverse, kaleidoscopic array and mix of color, light, texture, nuance, energy, and consciousness, an indescribable, richly textured, wildly unpredictable, dynamic flashing forth of phenomena, a ceaseless, ungraspable, unnameable flow of sparkling sensations, feelings, thoughts, perceptions, memories, a shining, flickering, shape-shifting, morphing dance, a presence that is always here, always now, yet never the same, a singular, seamless, undivided reality that is, at the same time, unimaginably colorful and diverse. Experience, as it is… the awe-inspiring, unfathomable depth and mystery of existence itself, the greatest drug of all!

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