The Surface is the Deep

Published on November 19, 2015, by in Uncategorized.

Particularly in spiritual circles, we often hear things framed in terms of there being a surface or gross level of existence which is then contrasted with some supposedly deeper, truer, more subtle layer or dimension of reality. But actually the deepest, subtlest most divinely transcendental depths are not found behind, below or beneath but smack dab in the middle of the so-called gross or surface level of things.

Transcendental, boundless infinity doesn’t lie in some realm beyond the apparently bounded or finite world. No, right here in the simplest, most ordinary of sensations and perceptions lies the most profound depth and boundlessness. All that’s needed to realize this is to begin to appreciate that every experience, no matter whether we label it as gross or subtle, superficial or deep, is by its very nature, absolutely infinite and transcendental in so far as being beyond any possibility of categorization or description.


Within every sensation and perception, there is an inconceivable depth. The taste of sugar on the tongue, the feel of wind on our cheek, the ocean’s roar, the reflection of sunlight dancing on the morning dew— these everyday experiences are each in their own way, completely beyond comprehension for every experience contains an infinite number of dimensions and textures. Divinity is not invisible. Transcendental reality is not veiled, hidden behind some grosser, more surface-level way of perceiving things. No, the most profound, unfathomable depths are one hundred percent present in and as every single perception. And so we need not venture off to some other place or time in order to find transcendental reality for infinity is already present, right here in the absolute indescribability of even the most ordinary of human perceptions and experiences.

See that robin in the tree? There is no more profound truth, no greater spiritual dimension to be found, no hidden depth lurking in some other realm or plane of existence beyond whatever seemingly mundane, commonplace experiences we may be having. No, the deepest, farthest reaches of reality are present right here and now in the most ordinary and obvious of perceptions, universes upon universes contained in even the simple act of seeing a red-breasted bird, sitting perched on a tree.


So you see, there’s no need to struggle to get beneath or beyond the surface of things in order to realize some greater depth for the supposed “surfaces” of life are themselves, immeasurably deep.

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