We’re Not in Kansas Anymore

Published on August 25, 2015, by in Uncategorized.

Allow yourself to consider something quite extraordinary – you have never experienced this moment before. Never!

Sure, there may be many aspects of the present moment that appear to resemble those experiential moments that have preceded it. But each instant, each momentary flashing forth of life contains innumerable subtle qualities and characteristics that are entirely unique to it. And so because what is here has never actually been here before, any interpretive framework, definition or frame of reference we might bring to it is necessarily and wholly incomplete, limited and partial. To paraphrase Dorothy, while we may have been in a state (of mind) called Kansas a moment ago, we are, quite literally, not there anymore! wizard-of-oz-were-not-in-kansas-anymore

Given this, consider the impossibility of ever having a fixed self-definition or identity for what we are is, quite literally, not what we were even an instant ago. And the truth of this radical impermanence applies, of course, not only to us but to every person, place and thing we encounter in life.

Let the reality and implications of this sink in…

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