The Field

Published on January 17, 2016, by in Uncategorized.

Imagine your experience in all its unthinkable diversity and dynamism to be like a vast, wide-open field without border or boundary. Now let’s call this field of experiencing, “reality.” It seems a fair thing to call it for without getting into the thorny philosophical question about whether or not an objective reality actually exists outside of our immediate experience, subjective experience appears to be the inescapable medium through which anything we might call “objective” is known. Put another way, what we are in direct contact with is not a world “out there” but our experience of that world.

Now one of the most interesting and also obvious characteristics of this field of experiencing is that we can never actually remove ourselves from it. No matter how hard we might try, it’s simply not possible to get outside of our experience. The specific details of the field may appear infinitely diverse. But no matter the field’s content, we can never be apart from it for wherever we may find ourselves in any experiential moment will still be the field! There can be no escape from it. Never can we be cast out of the field of experiencing, which paradoxically turns out to be our greatest freedom.

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