We Have Not Been Here Before

Published on January 4, 2016, by in Uncategorized.

Imagine being transported to another world, a planet that is utterly foreign to you. Not a single thing about this extraterrestrial world could possibly be familiar or known to you because you’ve never actually seen, felt, touched or tasted any part of it before.

Now imagine your experience to be this foreign land. However you might conventionally describe it—holding a glass of water in your hand; the sight of a cloud-filled sky; the sound of traffic on the street; the feeling of the wind upon your face—just go ahead and notice whatever is present here, traveling through this heretofore unseen world, exploring the remarkable experiential landscape that lies before you.

Since everything is new to you on this planet of experience, don’t bother referring to any previously learned names or descriptors to make sense of what you’re seeing because those categories no longer apply. You’re in a different world now! Just behold the infinite detail, depth and dimensionality that is here, not one iota of which have you ever seen nor will you ever see again.

Let the truth of this sink in, this astounding fact that you cannot possibly know what this experiential world you find yourself in right now is for one simple reason: you have never actually been here before.

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