It’s Not What You Think It Is: An Interview w/ John Astin

A television interview with John about his latest book, It’s Not What You Think It Is.






Natural Mindfulness: An Interview w/ John Astin 

A television interview with John on the topic of natural mindfulness. 






Embracing Experience: An Interview w/ John Astin

An interview with John on The Oneness Approach podcast.






John Astin, Singing Live in Studio 

Screen Shot 2013-07-06 at 11.56.00 AM

A beautifully shot, 30 minute video of John singing a number of his compositions, live in studio.





What’s Noticing

heic1305aM77_900In this guided meditation, we are invited into an experiential inquiry into awareness itself – i.e., that which is noticing, that which is feeling, that which is sensing, that which is listening…The qualities of this knowing faculty of awareness (e.g., openness, unboundedness, non-resitance, non-struggle) are also explored.  (2o minutes)



Interview with John Astin

743348main_SDOTimelapse_Sun_900A 2016 interview with John conducted by Rick Archer as part of the Buddha at the Gas Pump (BATGAP) series. (137 minutes)





No Boundary

Bigstock_1669674A meditation exploring boundaries generally assumed to be the true (e.g., self/other, subject/object, seer/seen, here/there, now/then) and inquiring into whether or not these presumed boundaries can actually be found in direct experience. (20 minutes).




Too Intimate for Words

Set to a beautiful video slideshow, John reads poetic and prose excerpts from his three books, Too Intimate for Words, This Is Always Enough, and the soon to be released, Searching for Rain in a Monsoon. (35 minutes)




Resting As Awareness

In this meditation, the listener is gently guided to relax back into basic awareness, that human capacity which is knowing or cognizing all that is experienced, and to explore the qualities of acceptance and openness that are intrinsic to basic, ordinary awareness. This meditation was utilized in a series of studies conducted by John and his colleagues at California Pacific Medical Center, studying the potential value of non-dual awareness-based practices to prevent relapse in addictive disorders. (20 minutes)


Letting the Fire Burn

In this meditation, we are invited into the simple yet radical practice of allowing experience to be as it is, relaxing the habitual effort to try to control, manipulate, avoid or otherwise manage our thoughts, feelings and sensations. Instead of trying to contain or limit the force and flow of experience or shape it into whatever form we imagine it should be, the invitation here is to discover the freedom and well-being inherent in every perception, regardless of its description. (12 minutes)



The Effortlessness of Everything

Even if in the subtlest of ways, we often imagine that in order to realize greater clarity, peace or awareness in our lives, some (or maybe a great deal of) effort is required. However, in this meditation, we are invited to consider a different possibility, to notice how effortless life can actually be, how no effort is required in order for us to exist, how no effort is needed in order for awareness to be, how the senses and the body all function quite beautifully and naturally with no effort needed to make it so. (13 minutes)