Mental Training for Golfers and Other Athletes

John introduces practices for golfers and other athletes focused on developing the following mental-emotional skills:

1. Staying grounded in the present moment (less concerned about past and future performance)
2. Getting “out of your head” and trusting the body’s natural wisdom and athleticism
3. Remaining focused on the process rather than the outcome (e.g., making a confident, aggressive swing rather than worrying about where the ball may go)
4. Committing yourself, 100%, to the task at hand, no matter how intense the pressure may be that you’re experiencing
5. Being less critical of yourself, even when not performing up to your expectations (e.g., talking to yourself as positively you would someone you were caddying for)
6. Enjoying yourself, your surroundings, and the challenge of the game, no matter the results
7. Finding that perfect balance point (the sweet spot) between caring too much (stressing) and caring too little (losing interest and focus)