Being Here Now

No matter where the mind might travel, no matter how seemingly far into the past or future it may seem to venture, it is absolutely, unequivocally impossible to exist in any time, but now. There is no escaping the reality of this timelessness, no avoiding the fact that we are completely powerless to leave this moment for no matter what past or future time we might seem to wander off into, it always remains now, a now that is at the same time always new, always fresh, always remaking itself, forever on the move, becoming the next thing.

Similarly, no matter where we might travel in seeming space, we can never actually go anywhere for we are always in one place. Here! No matter where we might venture off to experientially, we remain simply here. There is no escaping here. Whatever we might think of or call “there” could only ever be experienced, here. As with time, regardless of whatever lands we might journey to, we can never, ever depart from here. It is simply not possible. We are always and forever here. And here is home, a home that could never be taken away for it is literally all that exists. Home… Here… Always and forever. No possibility of ever be removed from it because wherever we might go—one small step or to the farthest reaches of the universe and beyond, we always remain, here. Home…

We are literally always here and it is always now. No space. No time. Totally unmoving. Nothing happening, at the same time, unthinkable dynamism and vitality exploding everywhere. Moment-by-moment, Life, Reality, Source, God, forever becoming something else and yet at the same time, never departing from Itself. The Ocean giving rise to countless and ceaseless wave forms and yet all the while remaining Itself. Ocean, through and through.

Ram Dass titled his iconic book, “Be Here Now,” words that countless seekers (myself included!) took to be a kind of spiritual prescription or practice to take up. But as it turns out, rather than being a prescription, be here now is really a description of the ways things actually are. There is nothing but being here now! There is only ever the presence of what is, being. And that which is present is always present, always simply and effortlessly here and now. No need to practice being here now for it is already the case. Being here now need not be cultivated or contrived but simply seen to be the sheer, unavoidable, ever-present fact of existence itself. 

So much freedom, so much ease, so much love in this simple, inescapable fact, this truth that no matter what lands we may venture off to, no matter what states we may enter or exit, what places we may visit and then depart from—pleasure, pain, happiness, sadness, life, death—we are forever Being—Here—Now.

John Astin