Everything Is Meditation

Wondering what meditation is? It’s This! Just as it is. Reality, appearing as it appears. Experience, unfolding however it unfolds.

This is the real meditation, to simply see that all there is, is meditation.  A moment labeled as confusion? Meditation. An experience of great ease? Meditation. An instant of utter despair? Meditation. A flash of bliss? Meditation.

Feeling the pain of identification and separation? Meditation. Experiencing a sense of liberation from identity? Meditation. Feeling caught in some convoluted web of labeling and storytelling? Meditation. Seeing through all the labels and stories to the pristine, unknowability of it all? Meditation.

There’s really no need to close your eyes, sit in some special posture and engage in whatever set of strategies you’ve been taught constitute meditation. We can of course take up whatever psycho-spiritual practices we find ourselves inclined toward. But we can also see that just this, as it is, however it may be looking or feeling, is itself, total meditation.

The streaming forth of each instant, the arising and passing away of every momentary experience… all of it, pure meditation. The meditation of life…

John Astin